Making it happen at the University of Bristol

Building on the success of a 2009 Value for Money and Best Practice review, it was natural that the University of Bristol looked to Larch for help when it embarked on a programme of change, based on Larch’s recommendations. Through on-site support, implementation of the recommendations and close collaborative working with various stakeholders at all levels, Larch helped UoB achieve its goals in a timely and focused manner whilst also improving staff morale.

Carrying out a large scale change improvement programme whilst maintaining customer relations and expectations at one of the top and most distinguished universities in the UK is a tall order in itself – especially when services and a statutory compliance regime need to continue uninterrupted to approximately 350+ buildings that vary significantly in location and complexity. Larch decided early on that in order to ensure complete success of the project, the effective planning and monitoring of the programme’s overall progress, a lead project manager from Larch should be based onsite with the UoB teams.

This was a complex, time-sensitive and challenging change programme involving many departments within UoB. A strong and close onsite working relationship was vital. As always, Larch invested a great deal of time understanding the University’s objectives so we could apply the appropriate resource, knowledge and experience.

Patrick Finch from the University of Bristol commented ‘I am very grateful for all of the commitment and support Larch has provided and have no doubt that the maintenance teams are in better shape now because of that. Your contribution is greatly valued.’ We were also thrilled with another successfully completed project and look forward to working with the University again soon.

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