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FM and brand values

The latest FM World Round Table focused on the role that FM should be playing in maintaining and protecting an organisation’s brand values, and was attended by Lucy Jeynes, Larch’s Managing Director. Lucy also introduced one of Larch’s clients and good friends, Paul Hinkley of Waitrose, to the session.

As someone who knows first-hand how good the FM team can be at adding value – whether it be in terms of branding or cost – to an organisation, Jeynes was the ideal addition to the group. Jeynes made the point that ‘If FM isn’t promoting itself as a function that supports, develops and enhances the brand, there’s a danger it will be defined solely by its shortcomings.’

Talk turned to Professional Services teams, who are often the first view clients get of a company’s brand. Jeynes put forward some of Larch’s experiences of how clients from different types of firms can react very differently to reception or catering services, giving the group pause for thought (and leading to a discussion about biscuits…).

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